Advanced Course I  Five Steps® Coaching & Leading Training

Support with awareness, accompany competently, generate sustainability & consciousness

Authenticity can happen only in the meeting point of how you see yourself and how others see you- from that essential place conscious leadership is possible.


  • June 05th & 06th 2020
  • September 04th & 05th 2020
  • October 09th & 10th 2020
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The Advanced Course I trains you in developing and facilitating professional coaching processes and skillfully bringing these to a successful completion.

Step by step you will become familiar with one to one coaching & leading settings, for the professional and personal concerns of the coachees, the clients, the customers.

As coach and leader you support the coachee in initiating powerful processes of recognition, development and implementation, and in creating a tangible vision based on both – the true longings of the heart and the challenges represented by the reality of life and business. To keep the balance between past patterns, future goals and the realities of the here and now is a crucial competence which helps navigating and acting with essential integrity, emotional mastery and authentic communication.

You learn to build strong relationships which create connection and lead to successful results.

The participants will acquire a portfolio of coaching and leading competencies to help them transform crises into breakthroughs, dissolve obstacles and through using these competencies, develop their identity as coach.

Whether you already work as coach, trainer or leader, or if you will work with these competencies in the future, during the Advanced Course I you will grow in your individual coaching and leading competencies and learn to integrate these, naturally and usefully, in your daily life; for yourself and for others.

Some of the themes covered

  • Setting a coaching framework
  • Boundaries and possibilities of a coaching relationship
  • The Five Steps® Pyramid of Success and the level of head-heart-belly as the basis for diagnosis and process design
  • Designing a successful coaching process
  • Demonstration of different coaching processes
  • Developing personal guidelines
  • Principles of change processes
  • Relationship models and their effects
  • Five Steps® Leading – creating “buy-in” instead of persuading
  • Success factor relationship: creating strong relationships
  • Working with essence and the mindset of the third position
  • Recognizing true motivators
  • Communication and attitude as central coaching tool
  • Principles and techniques for developing visions as new possibilities, from goals, milestones and successful next steps
  • The effect of character structures, awareness filters and levels of meaning on thinking, speaking and acting
  • The dynamic of projection, self-perception, perception of others, ideals and possibilities
  • Accessing potential and merits in the coaching process
  • Working with crises, challenges, and obstacles
  • Dissolving weakening beliefs, emotional patterns or power driven attitudes
  • Working with feedback und resourcing
  • Defining your identity as coach & leader
  • Evaluation process
  • The Five Steps® Coaching Toolbox 1 & 2


You develop:

  • the ability to design and successfully carry out coaching processes
  • a strong identity and presence as coach
  • the ability to lead others and win them over for something
  • empowering attitudes and languaging as coaching and leading tools
  • the flexibility to integrate resistance and difficult themes and to use them effectively
  • the ability to support quantum leap insights
  • self-confidence in your coaching & leading competencies

Facts & Dates


Aja Appel & Team


The Advanced Course I consists of four modules, which take place over a period of six months.

The course is held in German language with English translation. Trainer and team facilitate in both languages.


Certification of the complete training from The Five Steps® Academy.

Please note:
All trainings and workshops in the Five Steps® Academy are in German. Translation is available on request.


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