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individual session

For individuals or couples

In Coaching we focus on supporting you while defining and realizing what you really want,  what really matters to you and what are your heart-desires. This includes all areas of life, work or spirituality.

Job challenges, career or money-topics, relationship issues, health and spiritual questioning, starting a new business, supporting high potentials, encouraging new steps and supporting practical merits and creative processes………

We work with you on clearing your intentions, overcome hindrances and transform them into possibilities.

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For executives

The best managers and leaders always work with a sparring partner and coach.

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five steps process

The five steps coaching process

consists of 5 to 7 sessions, which can last several hours and which build on another. Sessions can be held face-to-face or via skype, phone or any proper media.

The process can also be booked as a one week program.

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Training  Inhouse Coaches

By utilizing and integrating the full creative potential of chosen employees and training them in their communication-, leading- and coaching and relating competencies, the organisation makes sure, that change will become an inbuilt and conscious focus for future sustainability. This pool of educated inhouse people could operate as change agents and support individuals and teams and special projects in big change initiatives.

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Team Coaching and development

A successful team manages the fine balance between strong personalities and their different ways of communicating and relating as well as the me and you-dynamic while keeping its focus on their shared goals and tasks .

A five steps development process never consists of delivering theoretical knowledge but makes sure that the actual challenges the team faces build the topics of the learning field.

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You prefer face-to-face or skype coaching?

Face-to-face Coaching sessions will take place in

Five Steps Academy

Clara-Immerwahr-Weg 13  
50933 Köln 

For booking details, billing modalities for different kind of sessions and skype-sessions you can contact us by phone  +49 (0) 221-22203056 or email: pbagnpg@svir-fgrcf.qr or you can use our contact sheet.

Sessions can be cancelled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment without costs. Later cancellations have to be billed fully.