New Leadership 

Powerful results require a management with the courage to consciously dream

From being to doing.

Changes such as company growth, the opening of new markets or internal restructuring, are all major challenges for management. Professional demands, the expectations of senior management, employees, investors or even one’s own family can create a difficult situation for managers and leaders. These demands can make it necessary to work on old behavior patterns or negative thought paradigms.

Call for action

In these times, actively managing a company with strength demands a leadership culture that can lead through common values, vision and an individual mission statement. Only when the top management has a common understanding of leadership can the management maximize its full power and uniqueness. This dynamic of a stringent development of values combined with a clear definition of objectives is essential for every company’s success.

Our understanding

Developing a value and corporate culture can’t be carried out exclusively by an external consultant, rather it is a process which can only be supported or accompanied. It is extremely important that the people in leadership positions in a company are integrated in the process. Ideally, their teams should also participate in a development process.

The objective of Five Steps® ís to strengthen the leaders in their uniqueness and their particular talents, so that business objectives can be passed on to the middle management or directly to individual employees with sustainability.

In order to achieve intended results it is necessary to consciously develop the motives, values and needs of individuals, as well as the objectives, visions and strategies. These in turn determine both the actions of the individuals and the company as a whole.

Communication and problem solving competencies of the leaders are taught through learning to engage in open dialogue from a win-win position. This ability has a positive influence on the communication and performance of teams and the leadership throughout the whole company. Ideally, employees on other hierarchical levels are integrated in this development process at a later date.

New Leadership demands for innovative development focussing on new topics:

  1. Such as The Essence or The Source from which the leader leads determines his perception, his thinking processes, the relationships he is able to build, the power of dealing with emotions and feelings, his clarity of orientation and the possibilities and results of his managing, leading & coaching.
  2. It demands Courage to lead not only from intended results but mainly from what he personally stands for.
  3. It needs the readiness to let go of wanting to be a hero or be driven by getting ongoing approval.
  4. To be able to professionally distinguish information which comes from heart, head or belly and to use it according to what you really want to accomplish.
  5. The Transformation of the identity from being a leader versus being a guide.

Our services

  • Development of a clear vision based on values versus ideals and expectations, change management in alignment with cultural development, structures in thinking and communication, coaching and leading as core competencies in leading positions and as expressions of a conscious culture & leadership.
  • Leadership and potential development on the level of teams, department and division heads, as well as talent pools.
  • Holistic work on role comprehension, prejudices, paradigms, past & future orientation versus facing the here and now reality and challenges, values and attitudes regarding emotions, leading and cooperation. Establishing a strong intelligence pool of heart and belly resources. Working with stress and burnout issues.
  • Unification of leadership understanding, collective alignment of values and strategic implementation within executive committees.
  • Conflict and crisis management; dissolving of destructive thinking & relationship patterns and conflicts of values as well as analysis of group dynamics.

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