Coaching for Executives

Are you in a zone where you don`t get any feedback anymore?

The higher you are up the management ladder, the thinner the air.

It is often  difficult for managers to address problems, get support or to reflect on their decisions and the consequences of them with colleagues.

The prejudice, which is unfortunately very common, that only weak executives need coaching does not make it easier to look for a suitable coach and sparring partner.

Interestingly enough, just the opposite is true:

nowadays in fact the best managers get regular feedback in the form of coaching. What already applies to sport, has now found its way into the boardroom :
“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

Executive coaching is one of the best methods for decision makers to develop a new awareness of their roles, their responsibilities and their leadership challenges.

The issues at stake are always very individual in Five Steps® executive coaching.

Individual Coaching Topics

So the following topics are just an excerpt of a wide range of issues::

Visionen & Values:

  • What’s the bigger vision I´m working towards?
  • What are my values rather than my ideals?
  • What are the risks I have to face when I lead according to my values & vision?  


  • Who am I as a leader? What do I stand for?
  • Where does my motivation come from?
  • What’s the difference between guiding and leading…
  • Who do I want to be?
  • From where do I want to lead?
  • How do I experience my essence?
  • How do I perceive my consciousness and charisma?  

Communication & relating issues:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Addressing and initiating change
  • Stressmanagement  

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