Coaching Situations

To a certain extent,
the impossible becomes possible.

The results that people achieve together are always a direct result of the quality of the relationship.

There is an essential key for encouraging personal potential: the sustainable development of goals and visions. When these goals are based on individual values and an awareness of behavior patterns and beliefs is developed, a certain dynamic arises. Through this, the development and manifestation of personal strengths is possible and sustainable. This is true for both coaching in private and the coaching and development of teams and enterprises.

Call for action

Coaching is effective when deadlocked behavior patterns are getting in the way. Coaching can satisfy the different needs of both enterprises and individuals…

Coaching situations for compancies are: 

  • Support and development of “High Potentials”.
  • Company restructuring (change of management, merger, sale, corporate succession).
  • Development of a new, value based corporate culture or vision development. – Cooperation difficulties between employees and leaders, or within hierarchies of teams.
  • Restructuring of contents, e.g. because of new research results, new procedures/methods or outsourcing projects.

Coaching situations for individuals are:

  • Feeling burdened by personal, inner conflicts
  • Professional reorientation, from career planning to preparation for retirement.
  • Conflicts in relationship with family, friends, or colleagues.
  • Being overwhelmed, stress, pressure and lack of orientation.
  • Loss of meaning and motivation in private or professional life.
  • Developing a vision and a future that inspire.

Our understanding

Five Steps® works with the Five Steps® Coaching Process. This incorporates sustainable methods that work on the level of mind, heart and belly. Our holistic approach encourages the development of individuals, employees, companies, organizations and processes in equal measure and has a highly motivating effect.

As a coachee, you gain clarity on your situation and your personal strengths, making it possible to develop powerful goals and visions. With the potential of achievement, you gain new opportunities in life which have a decidedly positive impact on your personal life and surroundings.

Our services

  • Individual coaching process with the Five Steps® Process, tailored to your needs and personal requirements.
  • Team coaching as part of team development or change management projects. – Personal coaching processes for various topics, e.g., development of values, vision work, improving communication, health related topics.
  • Conflict coaching for solving personal problems or difficulties within the company.
  • Career development and coaching for professional success.

Sample projects and contact

We would be happy to present examples of projects in a personal conversation. For an appointment please call +49 221 222 03 056 or send an email to pbagnpg@svir-fgrcf.qr.

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