The Five Steps® Coaching Process

Head, heart and belly:
The unique approach of Five Steps®.

Five Steps® was created out of the experience, observation and assumption that 99% of our daily actions come from the head! Integrating the qualities of the heart and belly will have a decisive effect on future development.

Five Steps® concentrates on creative development and the individual success of companies, teams and individuals. It was founded in 1991 and through its many years of experience working with people, Five Steps® has established itself in the areas of Coaching, Change Management and Leadership Development. Projects in companies are systematically facilitated using the Five Steps® process, a method developed by Five Steps® itself.

In the foreground is the development of individuality and personal abilities. One of the most important tasks of Five Steps® is to free up potential and resources, in order to develop and achieve powerful visions and concrete goals with people in companies.

Five Steps® works not only on an intellectual level, but also addresses the levels of feeling and intuition.

This work on different levels – head, heart, belly – is unique to the collaboration with Five Steps® and leads to particularly intensive and long lasting results. In addition to the process oriented work, Five Steps® offers short term, situation specific support for companies, e.g. coaching, workshops, conflict and crisis management, or moderation.

The Five Steps® team excels through their extensive experience with modern coaching, consulting and management methods. To ensure a high level of quality, all Five Steps® trainers are both trained and continue on-going training in our Academy.

The Five Steps® Academy and its program of seminars and trainings, is also open to individuals or employees of companies which Five Steps® advises.

The offer ranges from training in modules (Coaching, Systemic Coaching and Organizational Consulting) to shorter seminars for the development of relationships, systems, individuals and communication.


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There are things which you can only believe once you’ve experienced them.

The Five Steps® Process is based on the transformational methods we have developed for individuals, companies and organizations. Every process is tailored specifically to each client, including their status quo or starting point, goals and possibilities. By applying the necessary transformational methods we can achieve sustainable change and the intended outcome.

The wide range of methods in the Five Steps® Processes, the creativity of the exercises, the breadth of experience, humor and lightness in how it is presented; these define both the uniqueness and success of this process.

Key factors

The Five Steps® Process focuses on five key factors. It provides an orientation to values and an awareness of the different resources available from the head, heart and belly. This allows for a high level of competence in relationship and creates an atmosphere of motivation, joy and respect.

The Five Steps® Process supports you in going beyond your BOX, daring to enter new possibilities and with clarity and perspective, aligning you with the success you want. It lets you recognize crises and conflicts at an early stage and by using appropriate interventions, transform them into breakthroughs.


The Five Steps® Process channels and mobilizes potential and energy towards achieving goals. It ensures the goals defined have a real “pull” and that they bring out the best in an individual, a team or a company.

It facilitates the constructive handling of challenges and creates new orientation at turning points. Change processes, whether in a personal or professional context, with the help of the Five Steps® Process, lead to desired outcomes with success and a win-win experience for all parties.

The Five Steps® Process can be booked both as an individual coaching process or as a team or group process, to create change and lead to success. Venue as agreed on individually.


Consciousness and Attitude

Whether a developmental process leads to success or not, depends on the state of consciousness and the attitude of the people involved.

The state of consciousness determines our attitude.

Our attitude determines how we relate.

How we relate determines the possibilities and the size of the outcome that people can create together.

Consciousness + Attitude = Action

Our actions make our state of consciousness and our attitude towards life visible.

Consciousness includes the unconscious.

People’s conditioning and socialization is so strong that it needs a conscious decision to free oneself from its influence.

People today can choose to develop a conscious attitude and generate a new and unexpected reality.

Fertile ground for the new.

Constructive attitudes and not techniques, create room for creativity, for innovative solutions, for new possibilities, for good feelings and for great outcomes.

Constructive attitudes lead to strong relationships and encourage trust, respect, appreciation of values, partnership, cooperation, confidence and perseverance, particularly in difficult times.

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