Five Steps® Coaching Process for High Potentials

Compact Individual Coaching process for Personal Development and High Potential Development

We work successfully with our Five Steps® Process within the range of staff development.

Furthermore, companies use the Five Steps® Process as a purposeful supporting measure for their high potential employees, in order to strengthen their self-reflection abilities and to bring their leading and coaching skills to an up-to-date and solid level.


  • Natural self-confidence is  supported.
  • The internal consciousness center is strengthened and allows access to a 360 degree perspective.
  • The ability to stay present with what is -instead of reacting- develops.
  • The skill to deal constructively with difficult situations, crises and conflicts increases.
  • Destructive thinking, communication- and behavioural patterns can be transformed.
  • New strategies in dealing with stress support resilience
  • Focussing becomes easy.
  • New, creative options for action enable the easier overcoming of challenges.
  • Effective decision-making potential is promoted.

The Five Steps® Individual Coaching Process consists of 5 to 7 intensive sessions that systematically build upon each other.

The intervals between each session are decided collaboratively between coach and client to maximise the best possible outcome.

Intermediate steps can be carried out after consultation by phone or via Skype.

The sessions may also be held as a week-long process on 5 consecutive days.

Our services

  • Individual coaching processes according to the Five Steps® process, specifically tailored to current and personal requirements.
  • Team coaching as part of team development or change management projects.
  • Personal coaching processes with different focuses such as: development of values & vision, career development & professional success, communication optimization and dealing effectively with stress & health issues.
  • Conflict coaching in order to solve personal or internal problems.

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