Five Steps® Coaching 
– an Overview

Five Steps® works with people who would like to attain extraordinary results. People who are willing to listen not only to their intellect but also want to develop and use competencies on an emotional, social and intuitive level.

The work of Five Steps® is for all those who would like to go beyond their old limitations and develop new possibilities, who are ready to take full responsibility for the creation of their own personal and professional success.

Five Steps works with companies and their leaders on a wide variety of team and leadership themes, as well as on specific tasks and project support, using the most up-to-date tools for leading and coaching.

The Five Steps® Academy is open to all individuals or partners, whether employed or self-employed, who feel potential reserves sleeping within, a potential which won’t let them rest. People looking for a high quality of life in their relationships with partners, colleagues, family and friends, higher than they ever imagined.