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Therapy- and Coaching Sessions for Individual Issues and Couple Consulting


In coaching the focus is on the realization of what we really want and what matters to us and where our true needs lie.

This could include any topic to do with life, work or simply being.

Employment concerns, career and money issues, relating challenges, health and spiritual questions, promoting untapped talents, making courageous new steps…

As coaches, we work with you to gain clarity into your deeper concerns, to detect internal and external obstacles and to dissolve or transform habits into new possibilities, so that your personal life and your work can once again become meaningful and enjoyable.

Therapy Sessions

In Personal Development Sessions we deal with rather psychotherapeutic or psychosomatic oriented themes that have their origins in early childhood or traumatic experiences and long-term stress patterns.

Couples Consulting

Relationship crises and conflicts in relationships influence the very basis of our lives.

 We have often unconsciously established unhealthy structures in our relationship dynamics and have set up a way of relating that is driven more by mistrust and recrimination than by appreciation and respect.

During couples counseling old injuries may come to light and be understood and resolved.

A new way of dealing with intimacy and creative solutions can bring back natural movement, freshness and liveliness into the couple’s relationship, so that love and connection can be experienced again.

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Supervision for Individuals


Open Supervision Events

4th November 2017

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In a supervision session you reflect your personal or work issues from a 360 ° perspective and get feedback.

This will bring previously hidden internal or external dynamics to light and resolve them.

Thereby, you can prevent a possible threat to the success or the intended outcome of your processes.

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