1. Aja Appels Book about the Five Steps® Method as a base for a new possibility of private and business life in our challenging times.

available in German language



Das Leben kennt deine Grenzen nicht.

Aus alten Denkmustern in neue Beziehungswelten.

ISBN: 978-3-00-036061-9
Preis: € 39,80

Valuable case reports written by CEOs and HR-Leaders of international companies add an impression of the variety of applications of the Five Steps Approach.

This book describes precisely the background of the transformational five steps method using many individual examples and change processes in companies to explain the key elements of this very successful and sustainable work.

pdfExcerpts “Das Leben kennt Deine Grenzen nicht”

2. A Five Steps® portrait written by Karl Gamper

available in German language



Es ist alles gesagt.
Jetzt braucht es Beispiele.

Wie schön Wirtschaft sein kann.

ISBN: 978-3950190304
Preis: € 24,50

22 successful Entrepreneurs -including Five Steps-  describing the New Work Approach.

pdfExcerpts “Es ist alles Gesagt. Jetzt braucht es Beispiele.”

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