Aja Appel & Team

Aja Appel is driven by her love of life and people.

She is a psychotherapist and member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners, VFP Germany.

Aja works as an author, process designer, consultant, trainer and coach. Since 1981 she has founded and directed several successful businesses both as owner and CEO.

She is familiar with the challenges of being an executive and an entrepreneur, not only in theory but also in practice

In addition to her degree in art, mathematics and psychology she has been trained in numerous methods of human and systemic development.

NLP, systemic work and organizational consulting, Gestalt psychotherapy by Fritz Pearls, trauma and family therapy, dialogue management, hypnosis, meditation, body and mind-oriented stress management, essence work, relationship coaching.

Aja Appel coaches individuals and couples, as well as company executives and managers in the implementation of change processes, which lead to extraordinary results for  the teams, projects and companies involved as well as  benefiting  people’s personal development and lives.

Her approach is always based on a wider vision and takes into account the values not only of the markets but also of what people intrinsically need and want to contribute.

Her focus on what empowers and appreciation for the uniqueness of the both the individual and the business lay the ground for her extraordinary relationships and sustainable goals.

Aja’s expertise, creativity, clarity and humor make learning and development into valuable life experiences.

In November 2011, she published the book

„Das Leben kennt deine Grenzen nicht.
Aus alten Denkmustern in neue Beziehungswelten.“

Life doesn’t know your limits

Holger Bünte is an educator and NLP Master Certified by NLP co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler, founder of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. On Sylt he runs a consulting & coaching practice for individuals, couples and executives.

As a mediator, trained at the Institute for Constructive Conflict Resolution and Mediation in Hamburg, he has been involved in conflict management for ten years, guiding people through clarification processes.

"My concern is to strengthen and accompany people in their personal and professional development process!"

For the implementation of conflict clarification processes in the school context, he is actively involved as a lecturer for teacher training in northern Germany and works for the following institutions:

Institute for Quality Development at Schools Schleswig Holstein (IQSH)
State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development Hamburg (LI)
Municipality of Sylt / Office for Internal Affairs & Education
Municipality of Sylt / Human Resources
Allianz Insurance Sylt

Peter Spang is founder (co-founder) of Next Stop You and Zen Sports, senior consultant and executive coach.

He has already worked with Aja in 1991. Being in relationship has always been a central theme in his coaching sessions ... "How we understand and shape our 'being in relationship' is an essential key in all open processes, especially also in coaching processes".

Simone Köhler is Dipl. SozArb., (systemic) Coach, Bodyworker, Speaker, Trainer and Lecturer for Intentional Communication and Attitude.


Katrin's knowledge, presence, wisdom and empathy emerge from more than 20+ years of studies in personal development, spirituality, travels and life as a German expat in different countries.  

As a certified Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach Katrin will gently support you through the difficult terrain of loss and grief, to graduating – forever – from the painful relationship dynamics of the past so you may embrace all the love that awaits you. She uses her ability to listen deeply while asking the exact critical questions that catalyze self-directed learning and awakening in others.  


Her speaking and teaching styles will inspire your ability to open your heart, express your soul so you can reconnect and experience inner wholeness and a sense of happiness. 

The gift of her cosmic identity is to be a wayshower ~ a chalice of wisdom. She is a wisdom-keeper; a vessel of the higher mind; which can activate your evolutionary powers of deeper self-reflection and conscious choice.

She will conspire with you to inspire positive change; to support you in aligning your free will with your inner wisdom, and she will champion your  infinite potential to the forefront,  and raise your vibrations so that you can be that force and the conscientious loving being you wish to be in the world.

Katrin shares her gifts by weaving a safe, supportive, transformative sacred space for healing, learning and evolution. Private sessions can be booked via skype and in person in Brussels/Belgium or Cologne/Germany.

She speaks English, French, German and Dutch.

Web: www.transitiontime.net