Coaching Training

Conscious awareness, confident decisions, values-based actions.

There is only one human unity: head, heart and belly.

Coaching is the art of empowering yourself and others to step out of old patterns of awareness, thinking, action and communication. Discovering new possibilities and doing things which you have perhaps wanted to do for a long time but always considered impossible.

In the Five Steps® Coaching Training you develop the capacity to carry out change and coaching processes for yourself, others, groups and teams; competently, situation-specific and with measurable results. You also sharpen your ability to understand behavioral patterns and group dynamics.

You learn to apply appropriate methods of intervention and to align your communication and attitude in order to achieve the intended effect. Through your presence you learn to support and strengthen yourself and others.

Target Group

The Five Steps® Coaching Training is for everyone in a position of responsibility who is confronted daily with challenging tasks of coaching and leading. It is for managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, personnel managers and developers, team and project leaders, leaders of change processes, trainers, consultants, therapists or people who would like to develop new career possibilities. All can profit equally from the professionalism and clarity, the years of practical experience of our trainers and the creativity and precision of the tools and methods.

Facts & Dates

The Five Steps® Coaching Training is divided into a Foundation Course, Advanced Course I and Advanced Course II. These can be booked individually or as a complete package. Previous participation in the Foundation Course is a prerequisite for Advanced I and II.


Certification as coach through the Five Steps® Academy.

Please note:
All trainings and workshops in the Five Steps® Academy are in German. Translation is available on request.

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