Advanced Course II

Seeing the bigger picture
and working with focus

Systems are like tides:
They come and go, are always in motion and are powerful


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The focus of the Advanced Course II is to enable the participant to work with groups, teams and departments in a coaching context and to develop the art of leading others without putting yourself in the foreground.

Responsible coaching in change and transformation processes with groups of people requires the ability to be in relationship in order to set in motion effective change impulses.

You learn the methods of seeing groups and teams as a system and recognizing the interdependence of systemic mechanisms. You learn to skillfully design change processes and carry them out with the buy-in of all parties.

Also, to lead teams to new possibilities and outcomes with methods of relating, working and communicating, to give empowering feedback, and to set stalled dynamics and dormant potential in motion. 

Some themes covered

  • Factors for success for Five Steps® Coaching in systems and organizations
  • Systemic perspectives and basic assumptions of Systemic Coaching
  • Principles of living systems
  • Functions, principles and laws of teams, groups, families and businesses
  • Designing and leading team processes
  • Case studies and elaboration of possible projects
  • Group dynamics and group dynamics principles
  • Men / women in leadership
  • Working with essence
  • Five Steps® leading of teams
  • Boundaries of leadership and empowering teams
  • Creating a leadership identity
  • Interview strategies
  • Strategic interventions
  • Restructuring of habitual thought patterns
  • Working with context, context clarification and basic systemic assumptions
  • Learning to recognize fields
  • Relationships in systems
  • Building hypotheses
  • Foundation and principles of organizational constellations
  • Constellation work as tool for diagnosis and resolution
  • Effect of family systems on systems at work
  • Circular questions and solution oriented feedback loops
  • Working with taboos / secrets in systems
  • Chaos theory and principles of self-regulation
  • Principles of creativity in groups, teams and companies as a whole
  • Final project and evaluation
  • The Five Steps® Coaching toolbox 3 & 4


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You learn, coaching & leading – building competencies in:

  • team and group coaching
  • systemic coaching
  • successfully introducing coaching in companies, in systems, in change processes
  • the interdependence of systemic factors and mechanisms
  • methods of relating, working and communicating within teams/groups to synergize strengths and align actions
  • working with solutions and new possibilities within a larger context
  • difficult situations
  • working with change in families, teams and businesses

Facts & Dates



The Advanced Course I consists of four modules, which take place over a period of six months.


Certification of the complete training from The Five Steps® Academy.


Der Veranstaltungsort wird kurzfristig mitgeteilt.


Zertifizierung der Gesamtausbildung durch die Five Steps® Akademie.

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