Coaching Specials

The Coaching Specials are a highlight of Five Steps® Work

You will find these courses at selected, beautiful and sometimes unusual places. This offers the best surroundings to invite new vitality and freshness into your life.

Recreation, vacation, relaxation and refueling go together with inspiration and learning. New possibilities can come up for important issues which matter to you.

Our coaching specials can be used as the building blocks for your professional training in working with people. In this way you step deeper into elements of the coaching field and refine your  personal expertise.

You could also use these courses for your personal development, to enhance your understanding and capabilities in contact with other people, as well as to enable love, compassion and creativity and to give yourself the opportunity to meet yourself in a fresh, new way again.

Beach – chairs on the island Sylt on late afternoon. Germany.

Sylter Coaching Days 2021 – Live Coaching Event

for business and life issues

June 17th to 20 st 2021

on the beautiful wild island Sylt in the northern sea of Germany.

The experienced Five Steps Coaches will work with your individual life and business issues in open space group sessions and in individual one-to-one sessions. We include the wild nature of the island to explore and support your intentions and goals

  • fee: 940 € including tax

Please register or ask for more information and our brochure via pbagnpg@svir-fgrcf.qr



Please, ask for more information!



Please, ask for more information!

5 days:

Date will be published here.

This Special Skills Training serves as a training for people who work with people and it is open to all single people and to couples, who want to become free from destructive patterns and depressing emotional states and want to experience new opportunities in all areas of their lives.

The location can support you to meet new freshness, understanding and great potential in yourself and in your life.

As children, we often did not get the love and support that we needed to develop a healthy self-confidence.

We were rarely encouraged to rely on our natural impulses, to show authentic behavior and to follow our hearts.

This week you can get to know your inner child much better.

You can also develop a profound understanding and compassion for its automatic behavior patterns.

Often injuries from our childhood are hidden and we are not aware of them.

By feeling and accepting the wounds of your inner child, you can both discover your new sensitivity and vulnerability as well as your vitality and strength as well as all the new possibilities in every area of your life.

Love and trust in yourself and others increases.

New potential shows up in the conscious mind.

This contact with our inner child opens up only through personal experience and cannot be discussed in theory.

We therefore look forward to a super, lively week full of the joy of discovery and of valuable insights.

As this course is also a training unit in working with people and in the application of coaching skills, a variety of tools and methods are taught that have been proven to be essential for achieving good and valuable results  in working, but also privately.


Aja Appel


Aja Appel


Date will be published here.

Supporting love and intimacy.

„Love is the last, the biggest and most everlasting dream.
It’s also the dream of a love affair that remains, that is strong, that is always expanding, that includes growth and that doesn’t come to an end or have any limits.In which both lovers support the unfolding of the  other without restricting the other’s development.”
Roger Willemsen

Understanding & appreciating & experiencing & expanding human and systemic functional mechanisms consciously

This week is devoted to the subject of BEING-RELATED – our skills and merits as well as our limiting habits and patterns.

As we approach the topic from different angles, participants determine their personal concerns, the contexts and the fields in which we primarily work .

As part of the Five Steps® Coaching Training the course delivers an essential building block for being more effective in working with people.

This week forms and counts as a prerequisite for participation in the Master course.

However, the course is also open to any participant who would „just“like to bring more love & freedom, awareness & possibility to the field of relating in their life .

From „explosive“relationship topics such as sexuality and intimacy, we move to professional relationship challenges as well as systemic or childhood processes and dynamics and the spiritual aspect of the theme.

Our main objective is to support more love, quality, awareness, emotional freedom and presence, so that we as human beings can participate in the complex challenges of BEING-RELATED with more possibilities, joy and understanding and can be creatively involved in shaping relationship situations in a more relaxed way in our professional and private lives.

The many high current tools and methods that we use, enhance your professional skills in working with people.

At the same time, they are so practically and pragmatically oriented that they can be successfully integrated into everyday life.

Last but not least, humor, relaxation and sensuality play an essential role in this week , so that besides the highly qualified training aspects, a good deal can be put to more vitality and zest for life back home .

The location – a beautiful 300-year old finca in the hills of Mallorca – offers both new horizons and an ancient power place.

Proximity to the sea promotes BEING-RELATED on the more flowing levels and the awareness of being connected to a larger perspective of life and humaness.


Aja Appel and Peter Spang

Aja Appel

Aja Appel

Peter Spang

Peter Spang

Aja and Peter have a long standing friendship and have worked together on numerous international change projects.

Clarity, humor and respect are just some of the values that they share..

Two blonde scorpions, who know how to address challenging topics with both depth and lightness, as well as to explore and bring valuable new insights.

Aja Appel is the founder of Five Steps®, developer of the Five Steps® transformation process, couple therapist, master coach, executive coach & senior consultant.

She has worked with individuals and businesses for more almost 30 years to support the intrinsic essence and core of individuals, couples and systems.

BEING-RELATED needs an open heart plus awareness and creativity in order to lead to valuable, new and organic possibilities.

Peter Spang is the founder (co-founder) of Next Stop You and Zen Sports, a senior consultant and executive coach.

Having worked with Aja since 1991, BEING-RELATED has always been a central theme in his coaching.

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